Walter Rhett

No Fix For Republicans On Immigration

In Perlo on August 8, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Beyond inspiring the next Republican-built infra-structure project, as school roofs leak and drivers face daily backups, America’s Great Wall harps on three Republican conclusions which are shameful, degrading, and embarrassing when spoken by persons seeking election as an enlightened national unity.

The fixed, repeated, non-politically correct ideas with which Republicans describe immigrants from the Southern border are 1) criminals, 2) culprits, and 3) colored. (Culprits are the cause of a wasteful or harmful act or condition which may or may not be illegal/criminal; commonly cited is higher demand on public services.)

This extreme xenophobic view is still being expressed and denied by members of the Republican Party seeking the nation–and world’s–highest office. Its denials shadow its truth.

The inner dynamic of all these positions is not a political romance with workers willing to work earnestly and honestly, rising happy families with higher goals, and the will to find a way to embrace the values, materially and spiritually, brought in in the river crossing–no: it’s a fight over votes (too often they might be Democrats!), privilege over prosperity (protecting mine!), and complaining while only having a record of maintaining the status quo. Not one governor called a summit; only one Senator sponsored a bill–but they all give big lip service to suppression as “security.”

In the South, we say, “you can’t fix stupid.” When I look at this crowd, there’s “no fix” there.

African-American Civil War Soldiers Burying the Battlefield Dead, Library of Congress.

African-American Civil War Soldiers Burying the Battlefield Dead, Library of Congress.


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