Walter Rhett

Forward Goes Backward On Race

In Perlo on November 7, 2014 at 1:41 pm

In Philosophy, where policy resides, a single person and idea drove this election—Obama, and race. Voters turned out to affirm that the wrong are not the weak, but the strong. Despite the success of his policies (healthcare, jobs and oil; peace, lower deficits) this election was never about policy or truth. Mainstream media maintains a shutdown; the GOP streams put downs.

Its votes were driven by anger and fear. The idea persists, expanded by every GOP candidate, that the President’s agenda is driven by race and incompetence, that every idea he proposes is a threat to America and American lives (read whites and recall death panels, debt, a refusal to go to war; immigration, Ebola, ISIL, food stamps), all distorted by a lens colored with racial prejudice (“buckwheat-in-chief,” posters with bones through his nose, soundbites, bad jokes, and daily syndicated national radio, magazine covers). The Democratic rearguard retreat reinforced these ideas.

In this churned climate, huge favors pass as policy; for example, tax cuts for the rich. The fear of change overwhelms common sense and wealth is increased instead of wages. The country is tilted by an historic item it again failed to confront. It stood by its disbelief.


  1. Walter that is why I still think that some day but not in my lifetime the USA may cease to assign people to “races”. Deep down in the minds of many Americans (especially those who reply to my NYT comments) there is the belief that there is a natural racial (genetic) order and that the black “race” is genetically inferior. What troubles me just as much is that there is a book “Creating A New Racial Order” (partial title) whose authors write that although they do not know what “race” is, the believe that there must be a racial order. That phrasing is based on my inference, so far they will not answer me on why they want a racial order in America. The book title should have included “in America”.

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