Walter Rhett

Market Ideology and American Fiction

In Perlo on November 5, 2014 at 6:26 pm

Why do high income neighborhoods pay higher wages than low income neighborhoods for the same work? Why do men earn more than women–for the same work? Why are full time workers also drawing food stamps because their wages are below the income needed to qualify? Why did a woman in New Jersey working 3 jobs die in her car, poisoned by exhaust fumes as she napped before going another shift in an effort to support her kids?

Why does Costco pay a livable wage and Walmart insist it can’t? The point is the market is rigged and filled with excuses that increase wealth–not wages. The labor market, from colonial times to now, exploits workers: as apprentices, indentured workers; as enslaved and sharecroppers and tenant farmers; in right to work states with no job protections, as temporary workers paid by third parties, as part-time workers scheduled for less than full-time workers, as corporate workers who see their pensions and insurance disappear in takeovers by vulture capitalists; in the growing gap with executive compensation.

Corporate free speech and a free labor market are both American fiction–both as ideals stand by evidence in stark contrast to America’s realities.

Burma Market.

Burma Market.


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