Walter Rhett

Violence Is Nothing Without Money

In Perlo on September 19, 2014 at 10:22 am

New York Times columnist David Brooks, who likes to take a large, global view of issues and their social win individual actions, writes about money–while accepting the underlying view of its benefit. A better way would be to to turn the money off. Imaginary fantasies have real consequences when cash is put behind him. Dreams are no longer rooted in service but in greed. Money in our times is about power: its worst and best cases, its hidden relationships; the strategies, paradoxes, and personal and social scorecard of its pursuit as the prize.


ISIL provides the perfect opportunity to stop wealth from enabling conflict at even greater expense.

How did ISIL go from the bottom heap of terrorists trying to catch on to a rocket ride to the top of the pack, in a little more than a year? Money. Not their fervor or charisma, not their skills at arms or their ruthlessness; what has made ISIL the first destination of the globe’s dispossessed children is money; it draws the crowd. Other groups force youth to join by threat; what sets ISIL apart is a gun, income and no accountability, cloaked by the false nexus of fighting for faith against militarist capitalism.

Money put ISIL on the world stage; AK-47s against air-launched missiles. Dry up the money. Watch what happens when the bullets run out. ISIL will join the list of beggars looking for sponsors, whining about what used to be. Bomb the refineries, the trade routes, the tankers. (Around the world, death–and fear–is too often tied to money.)

This brilliantly structured and colourful painting by Paolo Uccello depicts part of the battle of San Romano that was fought between Florence and Siena in 1432


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