Walter Rhett

Why Question Serena?

In Perlo on September 8, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Ignorance feeds and amplifies itself, and in America its main purpose is to cast doubt. So after another spectacular tourney at the US Open, several New York Times sought to bring up an issue easily checked, the idea that Serena Williams, by her appearance, might be using steroids–even suggesting that the governing bodies of tennis had ignored “the elephant in the room.” They are the ones who have ignored the mandatory testing long apart of professional and amateur tennis. Read my NYT replies below. Click here to read the comments. /wr

This is an ugly smear with no proof or support. It is also mean spirited and narrow minded. Look at Courtney Paris, Tina Charles, or several of the centers in the WNBA and you will find women athletes with the same physique and build, even larger. The difference? Ms. Williams chose to pursue tennis, one of the difficult and unique routes for minority women athletes rather than more traditional sports. Pushed by an obsessive father, her first coach, her winning has depended on developing a winning attitude and shot making (no drug improves placement, accuracy, or touch!) and good genes and an unusual path to top performance in a sport in which some obviously cannot accept her long success with grace.

The lazy irresponsibility of such speculations tells more about the minds of those who make such assumptions than it does about the proven record of winning Ms. Williams has established on the court against all comers over time.

A simple internet search answers the question of testing for the sport and reveals no accusations, incidents, or evidence for blood or urine tests, in and out of competition.

Wouldn’t it make sense to search first–easily done–and answer such personal concerns before voicing them in the Times as an attempt to give credence to a potentially damaging. unfounded guess?


This is jive! “The stroke almost takes care of its self?” Tell that to her opponents who miss hit volleys! Or to the thousands of students and players who practice hitting returns in place. So easy to ignore top spin, flat hits, slices, and services that require touch and coordinated control at the pro level. According to your theory, no one should ever double fault–since they are already in place to serve!

To extend it, baseball hitters–in place–should be batting in the high 700s–the swing taking care of itself as the ball is aimed at a small area, a strike zone.

There is no “Serena issue.” Except in the minds of few who ignore the facts!






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