Walter Rhett

Comments On “Lifting the Veil”

In Perlo on August 12, 2014 at 12:36 pm

“Lifting the Veil” first appeared as a comment in the New York Times online. Here are readers responses:

~~Thank you Walter!!!
I daresay…there exists no more succinct and accurate assessment of a key aspect of the Obama era then Walter’s after note..It lays bare the only pathway to our nation’s survival as a real democracy…be part of the solution and not the problem…dedicate yourself to share his advice and wisdom. Millions of Americans have suffered and died trying to make a grand vision a reality. Do you really want to see it wither away on your watch????

~~More than well said, you’ve summed up Pres. Obama, some highlights of his very successful campaigns and presidency and the America they exposed in stirring, accurate terms. I love the comparison to the kudu. What an absolutely perfect metaphor for Pres. Obama. Hillary Clinton as president, I believe, would be a bull in a china shop.

~~A Lynching would be disgusting & terrifying. I hope they are gone for good in our Nation (but…..I don’t think anyone has lynched a chair).
Equally disturbing are the photos I see of Mid-Eastern women who are being STONED to death by vicious groups (seemingly most are male) over perceived infidelity. This stuns me! Our world is sick. disgusting/depraved.

~~Jeez Walter!)you wild and crazy guy.) I see a new prose style beyond my wildest dreams, and marvelous in its obscurity! Those lynched empty chairs, swinging from sturdy branches, are worthy of Marquez, and the aspirant children send shivers down my spine, like Banquos ghost! Oh wow its just beyond organic!
But look up the kudzu, an invasive Chinese vine. There you will find Barack’s NSA. Measured, mystical; knowing the wisdom of when “nothing will further” and when to move ahead, impossible to root out, impossible to stop. In hindsight, that may be Barack’s greatest legacy: that his Presidency truly exposed where we stood on democracy, integrity, morality, and so-called liberty.

~~Thank you Walter Hett – perfectly stated.


Gale Stockwell: Parkville, Main Street, 1934. Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Gale Stockwell: Parkville, Main Street, 1934. Smithsonian American Art Museum.



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