Walter Rhett

What Are We Getting?

In Perlo on August 11, 2014 at 1:44 pm

An old African-American axiom says: “he so free ’til he fool.” I propose a corollary: “they are so greedy for power they want to make fools of the rest of us.” Cause and effect has been replaced with blame. False comparisons abound. Evidence is avoided like the plague; someone in a comment today equated the health care code talkers (software writers) to the vaulted Pentagon war machine. Those who oppose tax and spend never ask what will you get for your money?

Does anyone know the crop acreage report plays a large part in setting the global market price for farm goods, as it is the basis for the US price? Guess what happened to farmers when the government shut down?

As logic is pummelled, so moral intelligence abandons the basics of character and integrity. Once conservatives were saving the country for grandchildren with the cry, “no debt, no bridges.” Once conservatives didn’t want to pay for what they had already spent. Even when morality was a balance sheet, they were on the wrong side.

Crooks are returning; Representatives clearly guilty of admitted wrong doing in business and personal choices are winning primaries; they ask for mercy. What they really want is for us to endorse their sin.

Misha Reznikoff: The Solidity of the Road to Metaphor and Memory, 1934.

Misha Reznikoff: The Solidity of the Road to Metaphor and Memory, 1934.

And if I am already guilty, so what is my logic and numbers are wrong?


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