Walter Rhett

Freedom’s Old Bones

In Perlo on April 28, 2014 at 7:38 pm

This inverse freedom–freedom from–has many tentacles: the FL Congress member who immediately cheated; the TN Rep, a doctor, who cheated with his patients and staff, opposing abortion as his wife exercised her choice; the former Senator who cheated, even a President; the litany of gun deaths Joe Nocera lists on his blogs, the opposition to the common good–and to clean air, wealth, and real food–every head spinning position that uses blame as cause.

The word-bridges to this blame are blinding in how often and fast they are built, and how carelessly; lies and flim-flams embedded in every pillar. 

I remember the old bones these flimsy word-bridges of blame cross. These strudy bones are still the base of freedom. They are bones of forgiveness and progress that do not endorse the sin, not the blame that caused one party to shut down the government built on the strength of those bones and take $24 billion out of the people’s hands while calling their extortion freedom.

These bones rest on courage and truth, not lies and blame and fear. Blame cannot sustain freedom. Its structures will implode. The old bones live.


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