Walter Rhett

Who Runs The Zombies?

In Perlo on March 31, 2014 at 9:24 am

he deconstruction of America’s politics has been a key goal for three heavyweight groups: the party affiliates defined by their agreement on negatives–the ones who threw sand in your face in pre-k and spread nasty rumors in jr. high who define your right to die uninsured and tell you corporations are persons and use equal protection to deny your right to vote; the special corporate interests who hide their corruption and profits in the shadows; and the mega-rich oligarchs, successful at obscene wealth-building but unfulfilled unless they are micromanaging every step in our democracy–controlling a woman’s body, testing blood for every poverty benefit, yet eager to exempt themselves from regulations and rules that protect and define our common will–conspirators that, for some reason, half the country embraces.

These groups have turned money into an absolution. They use media effectively, creating fear by repeatedly omitting details. They have a plan. They think big and small. Their oldest and favorite tactic is blame: divide the country and trash the other in every way, from personal to policy–while claiming the moral high ground.

Their key lies are easy: cut backs, skill gaps, Agenda 21, school reform, death panels; or derisive: UnAmerican! So this potent combination of big money, lies, and special interests finance, push, and prod the American breakdown from which they benefit.

Zombies have borkors, overseers who call the shots; they don’t operate on their own.

  1. I think it’s called, “Pulling the foundation out from under the house.” Works especially well if the occupants are kept unaware that it’s being done.

    The Democrats, being an especially apologetic group, are so busy defending their every utterance and move, and are too busy to pull their sword and do what is necessary.

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