Walter Rhett

Why San Diego Is the Best Urban District in the Nation

In Perlo on January 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Why San Diego Is the Best Urban District in the Nation.

  1. Walter….. I applaud your intentions in re-printing this piece, but be careful about giving it the imprimatur of holy writ. Since moving here in 1997 (from Charleston, as you know), I have watched the drama of the school system with much interest and careful observation (and sometimes with despair as various city politicians have tried to draw the San Diego schools into their orbit, something for which there is absolutely no legal justification). And I respect Ms.Ravitch’s careful analysis of the situation, and am heartened by her positive evaluation. But to say that San Diego is the “best” urban district in the nation makes me, an probably a lot of other people, uncomfortable. We have too far to go and too much to do. And, of course, she is completely correct that there is nothing — nothing — good to be said about Manchester and the newspaper situation. His (and his colleague John Lynch’s) unremitting attacks on the teachers’ union, their willingness to politicize the entire situation, their desire to completely corporatize education — and many other similar aims — turn the city’s schools into a battleground on which the students are always the losers. And she doesn’t even discuss other important factors such as the conditions of school buildings, the impoverishment of teachers who must pay for thousands of dollars worth of supplies from their own pockets….the list could go on. I have been out of the country so much since the conclusion of SPOLETO TODAY last June that I am only now getting back in the rhythm of reading your postings, with which I will try to keep up to date much more regularly in 2014. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about what is going on in Charleston right now: the cruise ships controversy, who’s got a chance in the mayoral election (why Joe has never made a real effort toward preparing for a future without him has never been clear to me.)…etc. I hope you are well, and wish all the best to you and yours in 2014. MLO MARCUS L. OVERTON 5581 Adobe Falls RoadUnit ASan Diego CA 92120-4470


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