Walter Rhett

Wade in the Water

In Perlo on May 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm


In putting my worship set together this week, I became totally captivated by ‘Wade In the Water’, a song whose origins are attributed to the Underground Railroad and was sung extensively during the Civil Rights movement.   The song is comprised of so very few lyrics – and an array of improvised verses  through various strata of time and context.  Despite the few words and seemingly indeterminate verses, the song deeply excavates the biblical convergence of the Exodus of newly freed slaves, and the healing water of the Pool of Bethesda as depicted in John 5.   Certainly the song is relevant to our readings in John on many levels.  As such, I built a list of ‘Wade In the Water’ songs as a resource in Grooveshark (see, 2013_0519_John Pallete_Wade in the Water) and have posted a few related links below.  I’ll be playing a version of the song in tomorrow’s…

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