Walter Rhett

Would you like some storage in your storage?

In Perlo on April 26, 2013 at 12:55 am


A new type of memory device that will allow for much greater miniaturization and efficiency than current RAM has proved to have a surprising property. German researchers reported in a recent issue of Nature Communications that ReRAM (resistive memory cells) has a battery-type effect in which the devices actually store charge. This helps explain some anomalous behavior in memristors, the class of circuit elements that subsumes ReRAM.

Resistive memory cells (ReRAM or RRAM) have the potential to become a front-runner technology among nonvolatile memories. First developed by HP in 2008, ReRAM exhibits fast switching times and is suitable for low-power applications, because it requires less voltage. ReRAM differs from conventional computer memory by using ions (charged atoms) for storing data, rather than electrons, which owing to their tinier size are harder to control, impacting both data storage density and energy use.


The new research study reports that the ions in…

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