Walter Rhett

In Perlo on May 4, 2012 at 4:58 am

Desert Beacon

Nothing is more predictable than the insertion of the Great GOP Myth that Republicans protect the interests of SMALL businesses into any political campaign.  First, let’s deal with some small business FACTS.

As of 2007 there were 27,757,676 firms in this country.   21,708,021 of these were non-payroll companies.   6,049,655 were firms with payrolls.   The firms operated 29,413,039 establishments.   The firms with payrolls operated 7,705,018 establishments.  [Census]

As of 2008 there were 21,351,320 non-employer firms in the United States, and another 5,930,132 firms which had people on payrolls.  [Census]   If we make a pie chart of establishments and employment numbers it looks like this:

The pie chart makes it obvious that most of the business establishments in this country employ from 0-4 employees.    It also makes it perfectly clear that any legislation which exempts companies with fewer than 500 employees from taxation or…

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