Walter Rhett


In Perlo on March 18, 2012 at 1:14 pm


  1. Lovely. And so true, despite the railings from the right. Read Fareed Zakaria’s take on the new healthcare in the Mar.26 issue of Time mag. It’s very convincing for those on the fence and those willing to listen to reason. Obama has a vision, and he’s willing to go there over the bulldozed pack of prevaricators that stand in his way.

  2. I’l even go you one better. I am fifty-three years old and I have said before that in all the years I can remember; Obamacare is the first piece of legislation to pass and become law since the Civil Rights act of 1965; that has ac tually had a beneficial effect on the lives of the American people and I am damned proud to say that my President was the man who got it done.
    Obama in 08; Obama in 12. In 16 come and talk to me about a certain lady who is currently making quite a name for herself as a leader and decision maker over at State.
    And don’t you think The President knew what that post would do for her reputation and electability?
    Looks to me like Barrack Obama is a loyal man; a wise man; and a man looking ahead to the four years after he is done and preparing the path for someone who understands his goals and agrees with them to take up the torch.

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