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The Anti-Obama Buzz

In National Affairs, War on May 5, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Barack Obama sitting in the White House patio.

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Even Rush Limbaugh and Beck are not disputing ben Laden is dead. But dueling conspiracy theories offer options on which to hang public disbelief. Here’s part of the anti-Obama buzz. A comment opened the dispute:

“I always find it surprising how many hate the president because he is half white”

Wrong, he is despised by people in the know because he is ALL incapable and totally inept. Even this could be forgiven if he wasn’t supremely arrogant on top of it all.
There is NOTHING worse then someone who simply doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. This is the single most glaring character flaw of this pathetic wannabe leader.

Another comment:

He brings nothing to the office of president and under his (lack of) leadership we have languished in a lengthy recession and due to his insane policies we have seen the price of gasoline skyrocket to about $4.15 per gallon.

He is laughed at; ridiculed for his arrogance and pomposity and look upon with amazement for his total tone deaf political stances. The political bump he gets off the backs of the great military will be short lived and when we go to fill our cars up and have to pay over $80.00 his numbers will be again where they deserve to be, in the toilet. When people see again and again as they shop for food how the prices have shot up they will be reminded of how empty this presidents suit really is.

Strikingly, both comments are apolitical. The writers ignore the President’s wish to rise taxes on the rich, penalize fossil fuel consumption, regulate Wall Street, or openly accept same sexual orientation in the military—or invade a foreign country with a small military team hoping to find Usama ben Laden, without knowing for sure he was there. They seethe at Barack Obama’s “arrogance and pomposity.” He is “despised” because he is “supremely arrogant,” “pathetic,” “incapable,” and a “flawed” “wannabe.”

I’ve learned that people express what matters; and it’s him—Barack at the top is “NOTHING.” They seem—inconsolable, empty of trust and filled with loathing and fear.

 Last week, Barack disarmed the ludicrous with the playful, chiding Don Trump. Trump’s scatological cursing of the Chinese and feudal claims of oversight of the Middle East burned up Twitter before ben Laden’s death. Obama played the dozens on The Donald’s pride and clowned on Trump’s prowess, suggesting he find Biggy and Tupac.

Across the internet is bad news with bad karma hovering over a bad, failed person, Barack. The echo of counterfeit truth in these statements is not about Barack. It is about those in our company who fear him beyond race because of race. Race would make him real, like us, sharing dreams, grieving, loving. Barack has to be beyond grief or love. So with confidence, they declare race isn’t it. Nor can he be tender or fearless.

Many in our midst seethe at his (I’m quoting from this week’s NYT comments) “arrogance and pomposity.” He is “despised” because he is “supremely arrogant,” “pathetic,” “incapable,” and a “flawed” “wannabe.” Inconsolable, empty of trust and filled with loathing and fear, across the internet such formulas echo of counterfeit truth.

Many fear him beyond race because of race. While declaring race isn’t it, Obama must be diminished: he wears the thousand masks of our fears. We must make him a victim. He laughs at us as we condemn what lies in our own hearts. Having been socialist, Muslim, a taqiyya, by what new insanity can he chose, a scholar asks, “laughter over lamentation, making fun of his refusal to conform?” Even his innocence is double edged. Obama gets the joke: weare burdened by his yoke. His laughter resists on our behalf, but it compromises the social order; Trump called it “inappropriate.”

Conservatives are making every effort to numb the national conversation by making the attack intense, singular and personal, and increasing the tension and blame. Their talking points mask their psychic flaw: the greater the falsehood the more the canting person believes it to be true. “Disgusting,” Glenn Beck wildly called the President’s plan to visit Ground Zero. His revulsion reminds us that fear has one important political utility: fear feeds on itself.

What we are witnessing is classic textbook class warfare; economic battles fought in cultural and political terms. The unemployed are the new lupen; the budget, the new declaration. But read the document. Look at the numbers. The war is conducted for the singular goal of profit and power put out of the common reach.

The President and the National Security Team Monitoring the Insertion of Navy SEAL team 6.

After Obama’s surgical strike, conservatives are making every effort to numb the national conversation. The talking points mask the blind parts of its psychic flaw: the greater the denial and contradictions, the more the character invests in its beliefs. In other words, the greater the falsehood the more the canting person believes it to be true. That’s why conservatives ignore the fact that it was an act of state sponsored assassination that raised the threat risk around the world.

“Anybody can give the order,” the comments run. By this calculus, ben Laden wasn’t important since both he and Obama did the same thing: give the order for others to kill. “Disgusting,” Glenn Beck called the President’s plan to visit Ground Zero. His revulsion reminds us that fear has one important political utility: fear feeds on itself.

A reader writes below of the countermeasure: “it adds faith that Obama is taking this fire from us and keeping the flame alive in his heart.”

A truly scary thought is that Obama’s “arrogrance” may stem from his rock solid comfort with his own humilty.

Better grab a clutch of pink flamingos.

  1. “After Obama’s surgical strike, Republicans are making every effort to numb the national conversation.”

    But the people are electrified. The electorate is electrified, as much or more than we were in the giddy heydey of President Obama’s election night and first days in office.

    And no, “a little sweat never hurt no one.” If this is propaganda (Mrs. Obama dancing with schoolchildren), I admit my heart is melting for it…given, taken, had, she has me, I am ALL Mrs. Michelle Obama’s…

    No, sadly, Hillary’s mojo could never get her twiggy stiffness uncreaked, while Michelle lithely floats rhythm…

    Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, every single ball that lands in the President’s court these days is struck deftly into the opponent’s court: no malice.

    The President’s laughter at all the SNL jokes at the WHC dinner, his own “Red Press State Film. Rated U: Unacceptable for viewing audiences anywhere,” his memory of soldiers at the dinner, the now stunning overtones of his “We don’t have time for this silliness” press conference over the BC, coupled with his,”And I can’t get the press to cut in on an issue of national importance like our budget!”–
    The Easter Egg Roll White House Garden reading by Sasha and Malia of “Where the Wild Things Are”

    Whoah. Stop and think about that: Where The Wild Things Are.

    They actually read that in the garden 1 week before Osama Bin Laden was assassinated. Where are the wild things now? Sadly, they still lurk in the Republicans heads.

    It seems that every public move of late was calculated to rise in a state of grace, so that all the pieces of the puzzle would fall neatly back together into the conditions of this moment. Like an Olympian athlete, displaying agility and poise that mere mortals do not normally possess, instilling awe at a sense of possibly supernatural powers. Do Olympian athletes who didn’t get the Gold walk away and say, well I never thought much of running anyway? No, they hone their craft to a higher art even deeper than before. But the Republicans are like wanna be athletes, who, on losing, give up, rather than double down on effort.

    Every narrative that attempts to reduce the President to a mere old-style, Chicago-style, pay-to-play politician crumbles in the hands of the purveyor while the doves of his agility and grace soar into the air.

    This in no way confers a “free pass” on the need to get out of Afghanistan immediately, pass The People’s Budget, Get Wall St. out of Washington, instill Elizabeth Warren as a permanent consumer protection board chair, use the bully pulpit for The Dream Act,and use all this capital as EVIDENCE Guantanamo needs to be closed now.

    But it adds faith that he is taking this fire from us and keeping the flame alive in his heart. Maybe we are too quick to believe all is lost. Maybe stranger things we haven’t seen yet can happen. They certainly can’t happen without our dreams, so I’ll keep dreaming, and, of course, working locally.

  2. from Streamroller, ported from the Washington Post, where the post appeared on EJ Dionne’s 05/04/11 column:
    I voted for Obama but would rather vote my conscience the next time than vote for him or a republican and write someone’s name in or vote Green. What Obama desires and what he’s actively signed onto are often two different things. He didn’t want heating assistance for our most vulnerable cut in his new budget, but he cut it. He didn’t want Bush’s tax cuts in extended, but they were. He didn’t want to cave into the pharmaceutical companies on healthcare reform an they pratically rote the bill h signed. He didn’t want to keep GITMO open, and GITMO is alive and well etc. During the time he ran in the primaries for the presidency, Obama said he would fillibuster FISA and then voted for it. He’s a “firece advocate ” of Gay rights but with a qualification–no marriage equality. Obama’s evoving though but heteros have all the time in the world. The day after this last election, Obama blamed his advisors for progressives expecting too much. Who is he going to blame the next time he caves into the republicans–his dog?

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