Walter Rhett

Is Donald Trump An Anchor Baby?

In History, Ideas, National Affairs on April 21, 2011 at 6:22 pm

When I was young, the African-Americans had a saying that was a moral imperative, an axiom of its folk wisdom, heard at school and home, in popular conversation: “two wrongs don’t make a right.” It empowered a people who had suffered slights and bias to steady the course and plow forward, without bringing disrepute to themselves or their community. It valued truth. It praised the good. It celebrated the inner victory of turning away from the hell hounds trail.

I find myself thinking about that saying when I listen to Donald Trump.

In the name of Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump’s name should not be resurrected, even if he saddles a mule and
shouts: you’re fired! for the high office of the USA President. Simply put, Trump is master fake (how he made his “money”) and a monstrous fraud (legal fraud is selling investor stakes, promising to meet obligations, and using the laws of bankruptcy to reorganize and downsize capital while others are left holding your worthless promise). He flip-flops more than pancakes at the I-HOP lunch hour. Once he wanted to tax the rich; now it’s a “bad idea.” Once he was pro-choice, now he’s pro-life. Once, he was for universal health care. Now, well . . we’ll know soon. Trump’s fantasy of “abracadabra” demolishes American policy. He has rabid anti-American views. He is a joke that everybody wants to say is no joke. Trump is a stalking horse proxy. His job is not to pace the run, but to ram and spit on the opposition. He wins by spewing disrespect.

Emmett Kelly, the sly, sensitive, sad silent clown, with his compassion and intelligence, had the good sense to sweep the spotlight away, unlike Trump, who chases its glare. Kelly’s downturn smile brightened hearts, as Kelly understood the nuances of life. Trump is perpetually one of America’s biggest losers. Bluster and scrawl, whose big talk signifies nothing but shines on his personal bankruptcy.

Here’s proof:

Heritage: First, Trump’s German immigrant grandmother was probably not a naturalized US citizen and may not have had a birth certificate. Born in the town, Kallstadt Pfalz, Germany, she was married in Germany. His grandmother and grandfather, both German immigrants to the US at the turn of the century–who probably didn’t have birth certificates when they entered the country—so far, no evidence exists that they did–began assembling the family’s commercial wealth when they founded a construction company, Elizabeth Trump and Son. Trump’s father married his Scottish mother, and the family lived in Queens, New York.

Did Trump’s mother have a birth certificate when she migrated? Why have no media reporters asked him directly or investigated the status of his immigrant family more closely? Did generations of his family enter the country legally?When Trump references his family experience, the question unanswered: is Donald Trump an anchor baby? Was his grandfather? Where’s the proof?

Trump’s Character. No, not the ego driven, hard edged executive who was charging for “education” at Trump certificates, grades, or credits and was forced to shut down by several state attorney generals, including Texas and New York. It’s back with a name change, although New York’s Better Business Bureau give it a grade of “D.”  This man wants to manage the national deficit when his business debt ranged above $3.5 billion and his personal debt reached close to a $1 billion, by 1994.

Character here is his personal core values, the way he lives, his personal choices. His advice: have passion; enthusiasm on a big scale. Be tenacious. Take action. His life: three divorces, all break ups precipitated by his cheating openly. While he demands loyalty, he disregards it in his personal relationships, and plays by his own rules. He once called the President of Columbia University  “a moron” and “dummy” after he halted a mid-town real estate deal in which Trump had an interest. Trump claimed the University’s preferred Harlem site, next to its campus, was a “lousy location.” Trump talks about the art of the deal, but he loves the audacious put down, ridiculing others with name calling, and using descriptions that low rate those who question or challenge his judgement.

Trump Finances. Trump has had four of his business file for bankruptcy and undergo reorganization, including his casino business. He has resigned from the boards of businesses he founded when the finances were shaky, leaving others to catch and clean up his mess and debts. His business bankruptcies occurred in 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009. His current holdings include the Miss America Pageant and a bottled water branded with his name.

His casino company built a monstrosity of a building that didn’t have a sound plan, ignored the facts of the business at the shyster rate of 14%, met none of its projections, and was doomed to fail by bad odds played out by an addictive, defiant ego.As President, the country might expect more of the same: Trump might built bigger  monuments and finance more boondoggles than the now famous “bridge to nowhere.” While others might pause at Trump’s overreach and his over the top antics, one commenter called him a “quality entrepreneur.”

Trump on Poverty. Can you picture Donald Trump in a soup kitchen? That’s his answer to homelessness and poverty; greater community involvement. For the record, Obama and his family have both volunteered in DC and Chicago soup kitchens, serving the homeless and poor.

Trump on Trade and Foreign Policy. Trump’s foreign policy borrows from Groucho Marx. On Groucho’s television, if you “say the right word, win a $100.” Trump believes and has said repeatedly that all we have to do is “say the right word” to China and they will change their trade policies. The same with the Middle Eastern countries in OPEC, if “we tell them in the right way,” they’ll bring the price of oil down.

If Trump knows the magic word why doesn’t he just say it? The country would vote for him in a heartbeat.

Remember during the Reagan presidency, the downed flier, Robert Goodman? The young Air Force lieutenant who Jesse Jackson persuaded the Syrians to release? Jackson’s negotiations were a success and Goodman came home. Those who would serve say, “call me,” and don’t waste time putting down others. With patriotic valor, they serve our better angels. Why doesn’t Donald walk the walk? An American company that drilled the shafts that saved the miners in Chile. Charleston’s Water Missions International provides safe drinking water for a million people in over 27 countries worldwide, saving the lives of children who die water borne diseases. The extraordinary work of Dr. Mark Manary and others developed a low cost peanut based food paste that can end malnutrition for the world’s infants, in rich and poor countries. His product saved 54,000 children during a famine in the African country of Niger. Trump has much to learn from them. Mainly, they would say, if you are on the raise, the work you do speaks for itself.

Ask Emmett Kelly, whose sad silent face antics never appealed to the ugly or the rude and made a nation laugh at what was best about ourselves without pulling us apart.

(Note: Eight American Presidents were British citizens at birth: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, J.Q. Adams, Andrew Jackson, and W.H. Harrison.)

Under the 14th amendment & US Code 9, a child born to a US citizen (either parent) is a US citizen no matter where he is/was born!

Click here to read Charles Blow’s extraordinary column on the flaws that underline the American celebration. His best work!

  1. As many felt about Sarah Palin, we wish Donald Trump would just go away.

    The difference is that Palin took some time to make people thoroughly dislike her politically (not so much personally) whereas Trump had his disdainful, shady, pious persona in tact and well-honed before he ever started spouting his “official” political aspirations. Many have despised him from long ago. At least Sarah Palin had to work at it for a while.

    It isn’t their political beliefs that many of us differ with as much as it is the inconsistencies, the outright ridiculous nature of their world view and scope, their lack of education in local governing and world leadership. It’s the off-handedness about the importance of being a diplomat. It’s the circus that follows them, the outrageous media they create when slighted. It’s the immature “fixes” for issues that are complex and far-reaching. Palin used tv spots and Facebook, Trump just buys time on many prominent tv shows and throws out letters to the print media.

    Their impudence is horrific. What they envision as the America we should all “share” is frightening. Don’t get me started on the likes of Scott Walker! I scratch my head and hold my breath that these tyrants are the ilk of far away places, not our beloved democracy. But then…there’s really scary Michigan. I digress.

    Yesterday the news carried the story about Trump, once again on the rampage, writing a letter to Jerry Seinfield regarding a charity event. Trump is true to form! As with previous letters, his content is juvenile, his threats are those of a grade school bully and his grasp of the English language must have been curtailed at an early stage of his education. A scholar would never draft such a poorly composed letter. At this, I scoff.

    It amazes me that a man of his self-proclaimed stature, would not only stoop to such childish name calling but that he would do so often, shamelessly and openly making sure the media could run with it. This does not make him more credible, powerful, presidential or manly. It makes him a cartoon.

    I can’t stop thinking about the letter he would write if:

    *He tries to muscle Japan with that 25% tax on imports and they call his bluff?
    Of course he wants to change the way China does business with us. Trump has many times boasted that he buys everything from them. Has spent billions! HE would benefit with lower costs. So much for buying Amerian, Donald, not to mention keeping our jobs in the U.S. Trump is for Trump and the Almighty Dollar…not the people who earn it.

    *What if the truth is finally exposed that he keeps lying about having people “checking into” Obama’s birth certificate?
    He’ll manufacture some buffoonery to explain the mistake away.

    *What if he finds out that he REALLY can’t buy off congress? The House? The Senate?
    That letter will claim that he tried to reason with the powers that be only to be dismissed by their stupidity and ignorance. Then again…what if he does buy them? (far fetched I hope)

    *What if he writes these silly juvenile letters to everyone who steps on his toes or snubs him or lesser…crashes a White House party? How ridiculous we’ll appear to the world. O-M-G!
    NATO will quickly separate themselves from us.

    *Just because he has more money than brains doesn’t mean he can pass the vesting process…his ties to illegal activity will surely come forward and ya can’t write a name-calling letter to counter that!
    We all know that when you cross the other big guys who have money, they come back for retribution either in the stealth of night or via documents that surprisingly surface…the media will have a heyday. At least it will boost print sales.

    What kind of a respectable, “presidential” businessman conducts himself like a 3rd grade bully? Let’s face it, Trump has bought his way in this world. (Buying your way and paying your way are opposites, just for the record.) All of his grandstanding about his wealth and intelligence didn’t come from his expert “deal making”….it came from buying people off. I know…I’m from Atlantic City, NJ, before and after Trump. It was a common held conclusion way back in the early 1970’s that Trumps’ money was empty…it only existed on paper and his legacy of bankruptcy was already established. This is how he manages his accounting and his wealth…..his life?

    In February 2011 he sold Trump Plaza to another casino. AND….in true Trump “kill ’em before they kill me” form, he “let go” a few hundred Trump Castle employees before signing the sale papers so he would get more money. My brother in law has worked at Trump Castle in A.C for 14 years. I witnessed first hand the worry and unsettling fear that at a time when my family was finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, the security of the job they depended on could suddenly be terminated for “the Deal”. He didn’t try to protect his employees or even to retain them. The Donald moved on…leaving PEOPLE in his wake.

    Business as usual for most corporate transactions. But this is Donald Trump, the Presidential Saviour, who is going to create jobs, turn this country around and make us wealthy again. That is the difference between a deal and THE DEAL.

    Trump didn’t care if the new owners re-hired the people back or, if the “let go” employees who might be re-instated would still have their established pay rate and benefit packages. (thankfully they have unions) He just cared about HIS money, HIS “deal” while families are struggling in a state run by the now infamous Governor Christie who wants to take away large amounts of funding for schools and firemen and policemen, etc. Folks….Trump is not the guy who would look out for ANY of us if he ever gets close to being president. Not a snowballs’ chance.

    We all know the biggest bully on the play yard, the one who brags the most about himself, is always the biggest liar and loser. It’s true….he won’t run because he can’t guarantee he’ll win. Nobody is shaking in their boots at the mention of his name….even if he has to believe they are and shout it from the media rooftops for his own ego’s sake. He’s hoping that if he says these bogus, overblown statements loud enough and long enough that someone will believe him too. Anyone can buy an appearance on ANY tv/radio spot….with enough money. That’s what Trump is doing…like a mosquito….he won’t go away till he annoys enough people. And even then, he will be sure to write a letter to blame the folks who made him fail.

    Whenever you let an idiot keep talking, they only dig their hole deeper and expose who they really are.
    Let Trump keep talking and writing these stupid letters….what a MOUSE of a man.
    I hope I’m preaching to the choir.

    • Correction: Forgive me….the vetting process, not vesting. :/

      • more correction: Trump sold Trump Castle and Marina in Atlantic City…not Trump Plaza. Tho he may have thrown that in too.

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  3. Very well written. Thank you.

    Trump & his hair hat are pandering to the vast majority of small minded folks who also believe there’s no way a black person can be intelligent. It’s demeaning, disrespectful, and hurts all of us. It’s up to us to speak in a language he can understand by hurting his bottom line. Boycott Trump businesses, products, shows, sponsors, & networks!!!

  4. I am going to try to answer questions you posed to me. You dont have a birth certificat and the hospital doesn’t exist.

    If I had the ability to investigate, and I dont, concerning Obama I would first say that it would be reasonable to consider that Obamas birth was handel the way his sister’s was. She gave an interview and said she was born in Indonesia but her mother sent for her American birth certificate, completly legal.

    It is reasonable to assume that Obama could have also been born in Africa and recieved his birth certificate the same way. You ask why would he be born in Africa anyway and who pay. I dont know who would pay, they may have saved, dont have to prove that, it is reasonable to believe they could have flown to Africa and back. Why would they want him born in Africa. I remember the 60’s, I am not a young student. It was a growing trend for African Americans to claim their African heritage. It is reasonable to assume an African man would want his son born in Africa to carry his father’s heritage and not that of an American slave. It would be natural to claim dual citizenship for your child if you are the mother from the 2nd country and you want your child to have all the benifits of life, health and education that America offers, not to mention you wouldnt want problems trying to come and vistit family.

    If it is true that Keys made some comment to Obama that he responded back he wasnt even eligible, but later some people wanted him run for president they could have decided the constitution may require you to be a natural born citizen but it is not specif in how to prove it. Sealing his bc like his college records would hide the truth. He doesnt even think the current constitution is a good document, he thinks it needs to be updated. He doesnt believe in literal meaning of the constitution he believes in considering other information equal to the constitution. He might be considering his mom was a citizen, he is a citizen but he doesnt need to be natural born.

    I did not vote for Obama, but if I had I would have used the same thought process. I am dyslexic and maybe a bit obsessive compulsive. I love research and thats all this is. I am not a racist, I wrote Juan Williams an email the night of Obamas election and expressed to him that even though Obama isnt my choice I was so happy for him becasue I could see how proud and happy he was. I can put my feet in his shoes and understand how much this could mean to him. This is my anger and frustration with the situation. I feel attacked just for being curious. Just for thinking it out.

  5. I am sorry I forgot to add, when his mother would have sent for his birth certificate or went to the hospital to register his birth after returning to the U.S. the hospital would have still reported it with other births to vital statistics, they would have still put in the paper and he could still have a real birthcertificate with a seal and all, but was he born on American soil? Showing the short form wouldnt tell you, the long form says he was born in city, but the comment from Obama to keys, and the shadiness of is there a long form, no, yes, burned, and 2 and half years to show it gives me reasonable doubt.

  6. You should put an edit on here, I wanted to mention that x could of gotten on the city thing many ways, who ever recorded it at vital statistics could have just asssumed. I am still put off by the constant “abstract” notice on both of his certificates. I have seen others that say “true and correct copy of an original.”

    His certificate can be real and complete and he may very well be a natural born citizen but then I am put off by the fact that he played a political game, but has disrupted the lives of the citizens he governs. All the money spent to prove the truth by those who have reasonable doubt and the military man he lost a career and more. That’s not a quality of a good leader.

    Some of those other theories could be correct about adoption but I dont think the constitution covers the issue of a natural born citizen who is adopted and then is a dual citizen, this may be correct but I am not enough of a scholar in law to fully understand how that would work or what all the laws are that would decide the issue. I dont follow this thought.

    My biggest point is that I just dont trust Obama’s way of thinking on many issues, like just pass the bill and then we will read it.

  7. Tracy, thank you for expressing your views.

    A little background, first, to be transparent before I discuss the points you raise. I grew up in South Carolina, durng segregation, voted for Sen. Strom Thurmond (who many consider America’s leading apostle of racial injustice), so I don’t pigeon-hole easily. I read widely, pay very close attention to detail, but study the academic frames that are help in viewing issues. I am a specialist in process; in looking at the logic and strategy of ideas and where they lead and what they mean.

    If you go to, you will see under my name a free e-book I wrote before Obama’s inauguration, that directly addresses the larger issue of what is now called “delegitmizing” Obama, a term first used in the New York Times by columnist, Frank Rich.

    I am suggesting I have no axe to grind, but a great deal of experience in particular and in general at looking at the issues used to challenge Barack’s election. On the same site is a 3 part interview where I discuss my first observations of what has come to rest in the birther issue.

    I will not go into the legal arguments. A review of the cultural issues should point out the trends at work.

    One of the key ways of reviewing any controversy is through the use of negative space. Rather than looking at what is being said, Look at what actions are not being taken and why. Rather than looking at the narrow picture, look at the broad. Look at what’s missing and can be validated in the big picture.

    3 questions emerge right away: 1) if the certificate is not legimate why have no mainstream Republicans or donors (Dick Armey, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, many others) challenged its legitmacy in court–now or before the election? Especially before. Certainly McCain and other groups had funding and motivation to use the issue if they thought they would gain direct victory and derail Obama’s campaign. There are groups and people with means who finance ads, conferences, speeches, books, but none ever went to court or filed suit.

    The suits that were filed were filed by non-mainstream groups, and filed after the election, not before. Why?

    If you visit Orly Tait’s web site (I have) and track her appearances (I sometimes do), you can see her focus on fundraising to help in getting the courts to consider the case she seeks to present. No case; no funds. No publicity; no funds.

    Mainline politicians, Gingrich, others, hint at the issue, without direct agreement–to raise doubt is good politics. If you suggest something is spurious about somebody who many hope is illegitmate, then you gain political ground w/o spending political capital. Especially if you are never called upon to prove the doubts, but simply keep them alive to advance your cause.

    Here’s 3 ways the issue could be cleared up tomorrow by those who doubt the legacy of his birth. 1) His Kenyan grandmother and the village where she lives is there, in Kenya. Simply fly in a film crew and ask grandma and the villagers. Check Kenya’s records; check the mid-wives, the oral memories; just ask. Take 2 cameras, one to film the other. So far, there is only one cellular phone call, with poor voice quality, badly edited, where the grandmother through a translator denies the fact. So rather than going to court, go to Kenya and depose grandma and the villagers. Surely, someone will remember; but so far no one has come forward.

    2) Culture and money also stood in the way. Think of 2 students; the only to travel to Kenya at the time would have been thru CA to NY to London to Kenya. For a pregnant woman it would have been difficult, and where would 2 young students get the money, and would her parents permitted his mother to travel to Kenya, pregnant and alone (w/ a Kenyan husband), with no support? Who paid for the trip–the round trip? No travel records have been found, or persons who recall the trip.

    3)The chain of fraud would involve too many people not to have unraveled. The chain would include HI’s previous Republican administration (governor and clerk) who repeatedly said the copy was true. The current chain would put the careers of lots of people at risk. (See my Southern Perlo post, “Remember the Better Things.”) Would all of these people, even for money, risk their careers and criminal charges? And why have those who might be engaged not cut a deal, gained immunity, and sold out? Clinton’s paramours came forth? Presidential politics are full of leaks. Why is the ship so tight in this case?

    The third reason is their is a great advantage in not bringing the issue to resolution, as I have pointed out, that benefits many sides, including the media, GOP candidates, fund raising, etc. just enought to keep it alive, but never settle it once and for all. Those who claim it is not legitmate have more to gain from keeping the issue alive than Barack does.

    My next comment will address Obama’s side, looking at it from the larger, cultural, historic view, including the stamped “abstract.”

  8. All these truths are more true today, and no, Trump didn’t need to buy out congress, R. Donaldson….they clearly love the swamp monsters he’s appointing who will at long last accomplish the revolution Reagan started….privatizing every last penny of “entitlements” and using all the techniques so beautifully elucidated in the pages of this blog (over all the years, thanks to Mr. Rhett) to shift the blame and distract people from what is happening. That is, if the third world war isn’t ignited by a tweet….

    “NATO will quickly separate themselves from us,” writes Mr. Donaldson..and where will NATO or the U.S. be then? The dominos start falling, the chess board that President Obama has been carefully minding, always plotting 20 moves ahead, is not merely going to fall into checkmate: the whole board will be flung in the air, kings, queens, knights, rooks, pawns, and yes, the dominoes, all flung in clattering disarray across the gilded floor of the Trump Tower…

    NATO without the US., or the US without NATO, is what Czechoslovakia and Lithuania were in 1939—before it became clear a whole world war was going to ensue, it was every man for himself, but the little countries were no match for a conquering bully. France and England tried to appease Hitler by letting the “little countries” be pawns (or shark meat, really), not recognizing they too would be gobbled up. It is so sickening to read history and not be able to re-write it, if only we could!

    Trump’s coziness with Russia, his brazen transactional understanding of NATO allies, only allowing to be members if they pay proportionally, is to profoundly misunderstand the function of deterrence! This little thing called world peace is not a mere financial transaction! What do I care if Latvia or Estonia or Greece is not paying “it’s fair share,” since the share can’t be weighed against the cost of war? Has Trump ever thought about how much more expensive war is in every dimension–financial, physical, spiritual? Or, worse, perhaps he has, and he knows that the prophets of war whispering over his shoulder are hungering for the profits of war? THAT is why he is so scary, and why even those of us with passports have no idea where to turn or what to do. Though I love this country so much despite the hypocrisy it was built on, despite our original sin of slavery that is wound into every coin and bill we exchange even to this day, that I would rather stay and fight, or be the first to be annihilated, rather than to have to witness the complete destruction of this still young country (with many more lessons to be learned, least of which democracy is a participatory sport!)

    It is writers like Walter Rhett, with facts, poise, rhythm and poetry, who analyze the phantasmagorical deceits of the worst forces in American power, while revealing the spectacular resilence and faith that has, thus far, always restored truly American ideals of liberty and justice for all–it is this that makes me love this country and proud to be an American. Would we have such richness if we had not been founded on such pain, and had not such a legacy of guilt stretching through the centuries? It is complex, and hurts, and is not so easy to walk away from. So don’t take it away from us now! We are only just beginning, it seems we have lifetimes more learning to do!

    I feel like the collective unconscious has been shattered, and we are all wandering a little brokenly, wondering where and how to pick up the pieces. But one thing for sure, many of us were far too glib and too sure of ourselves in the election of Barack Obama, about how far we had come as a society. Maybe we haven’t come as far as we thought, maybe Trump is going to force us to go to the deepest pits of hell to really remember some of the pain of our history we have glossed over, or never understood to begin with. I know I have always learned more when I felt lost, than when I felt for sure I knew the answer. So here I go… please, give me time! Every day is a gift….

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