Walter Rhett

The Amoral Revolution

In Perlo on January 15, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Stand Eric Schoneneberg on his head! The direction of development is precisely in the oppositie direction!

The right wins precisely because it is ammoral in the public view; they are vigilantes in the revolutionary view. (The left had its revolutionary turn in the 60s.) They are ammoral heroes in a space and time when civil disobedience is not enough and the public wants, like old England, a public hanging in the square; it’s High Noon. Since the civil authorities won’t turn themselves in, the outlaws have turned into lawmen to save the state–their approbation of power morally justified by the emergency created by the same outlaws when they terrorized the town.

What Eric misses is the longing for strength without reference to morality. Strong leaders, the first Daley, Teddy Roosevelt, Russia’s Kruschev, Haiti’s Papa Doc, China’s Mao are not reverented for their morality, but for their brute strength. Mandela, King, and Ghandi, maybe Nkrumah; earlier England’s Wilberforce were moral giants, yet their place is in holidays, history books, and feast days of the church. True. they changed global societies. But the power of their movements wanned, except for the South Africa’s ANC which seems willing to exploit the displaced and poor.

What many modern states revere are ammoral leaders benignly indifferent to anything but the necessity to maintain the state – and their power. At the popular level the argument is not about logic, truth, right. or morality. It is about accepting the distorted views as proof of your willingness to be an initiate in order to belong to the ranks of those in power.

The old FBI joke is apropos, of the temptations of the ammoral and how it is easily accepted. To wit: (only a joke, yall) a woman candidate is told she has to pass one last test. She’s given a gun that does not work and told she must “eliminate” the person behind the door. She goes in, the door closes; it’s her husband. Those outside hear a terrible racket. She comes out, flushed, breathing hard, and reports, “the weapon didn’t work; I had to beat that sucka with a chair leg!”

The test of the “legitmate” outlaw is to take over the status quo! But it’s done under the guise of saving it. In this case, the “save” means abandoning the evidence and results of economic policies that enlarged and sustained the middle class, a notable and uniquely American achievement, while putting the blame on others. The free market principles of Republicans are as much of a sham as the  4th of July was to the American slave.


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