Walter Rhett

Winning the Closed Shop

In National Affairs, National Government on October 20, 2010 at 1:16 am

A young woman who is a very good friend of mine was actually in Anchorage, establishing Obama’s campaign office when suddenly Palin was nominated as the Republican vice presidential candidate. She was pulled, the office closed, and was reassigned to Cincinnati, OH which went for Barack.

Apparently, the Democrats have still closed shop in Alaska. The 50 state strategy so effective in winning the Presidential nomination for Barack is being abandoned at a time when its best prospects are bright. Why? Why sleep through a real opportunity to pick up a seat, when as Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted, “the GOP has become a circular firing squad.”

And while Republicans are aiming at themselves – initiating in-house those second amendment remedies so cherished – it is as though the Democrats have discovered fire and know it has important uses, but can’t quite figure out what to do with it yet. Number one is to pass the torch: deploy resources in every state where victory is possible, drawing lessons from the election of Scott Brown to what was once a safe Democratic seat, and lessons from the opposition, using the wide defeats of Rick Lazio and Mike Castle as poster children.

Number Two is let everyone see the benefits of the light: saving social security, expanding healthcare, perserving middle class tax cuts are pretty big deals. So is re-building infra-structure to improve our global economic position. Let the light of the goals achieved and the benefits added and the resources saved and shored up shine – and remind the voters exactly who threatens them with darkness. Make the differences as clear as night and day.

Number Three: Light the path to the future. Jobs are priority number one for the next two years. Who do you want to carry the torch? Expose the Republicans’ faulty analogy: the wealthy are not synonymous with small business. Quote Rep. Clyburn, “a man without a job doesn’t need a tax cut.” Make the deficit an investment in America’s future that will pay dividends to a generation of grandchildren.

Save Harry Reid; take Delaware, hold Arkansas, and win Alaska.  Fire in persons and policies is a powerful tool.

Texas Migrant Wife, 1938


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