Walter Rhett

The War: Who Really Cares?

In War on October 16, 2010 at 1:40 pm

An English web site has published secret dispatches taken directly from US Armed Forces computers about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What these dispatches reveal is that we need a war on American indifference. The details and accurate facts of war in the purloined dispatches that exceeded 90,000 separate items, shopped to publishers, including the owners of the site where I am posting this comment, again is competing with a wedding, but more, is competing with an ennui exceeded only by bitter sarcasm and a desparate despair. A war? No one seems to care. Security leaks? The massive breach is met with a massive lack of interest.

There are several legitmate issues here that should fuel righteous outrage. The war protester in me is glad to see the details and games played exposed in the conduct of a war that seems to have an unachieveable purpose and unattainable end. The patriot in me wonders how such a massive breach of security could occur, initiated by a low level soldier in uniform. The American in me wonders, why do we not care or engage about this war that drains lives and money; that in its own cruel twist, also funds those who kill our men and women in uniform, and props up regimes that do business and make alliances with our avowed enemies. This generation doesn’t even have a protest song . . . Let us pray for the safe return of those we have sent into harm.


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