Walter Rhett

As We Said Before . . (On the Economy)

In National Affairs on October 16, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Elected Democrats became victims of Republican fear. Threatened with the collapse of the economy and Republicans hurling threats, they followed The Leader and became timid, technical, and procedural. They conceded and reacted like a group of politicans more interested in the vanity of glory than doing something good for the country.

Even now, as they face being swept out of office in 10 weeks, they are unwilling to advance their agenda or take prudient risks.

First, a major stimulus is needed. The recession continues and jobs creep up too slowly because production is down. Production creates jobs, not tax cuts. A dollar of government money spent creates a demand. Tax cuts for the rich only funnel more money into saving and investing. Tax cuts only have a small impact on personal spending, which is easily handled by the under-capacity utilization of production capacity in the economy. Selling another hamburger ot two will not translate into hiring another clerk. Democrats should actively, daily fight the lie that tax cuts will save the economy. They have replete evidence to the contrary. Second, Democrats should email, twitter, and comment daily across the media to hold up the lie of the tax cut by using numbers, graphs, examples, personal witness, speakers, videos, and blogs. As Rep. Clyburn said, how can you give a tax cut to a person without a job? Jobs cannot be created without spending to increase production. Third, Democrats should ram through social legislation that eliminates DADT and fixes immigration. The next 10 weeks may be their last chance for years.

Image, Source:
Image: Mother Jones, The Library of Congress Archives.


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