Walter Rhett

Nothing Finer, Carolina!

In SC on October 2, 2010 at 10:31 pm

South Carolina! Nothing could be finer than the politics of the first state to secede from the Union even before Lincoln formally took office. SC provided the nation with two of its first four chief executives, Presidents of the Continental Congress Henry Middleton and Henry Laurens. Laurens was one of America’s richest men and largest brokers of enslaved Africans; he was exchanged for British General Charles Cornwallis at the end of the American Revolution; was one of four peace commissioners of the Revolution, with Ben Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams negotiated in Paris with England and France; established Thanksgiving as a national holiday; and received a diplomatic letter from Angola offering to jointly enslave the British!

South Carolina produced the nation’s first diplomatic corp, sending native sons to courts in St. Petersburg (Russia), St. James (England). Paris (France), and Barcelona (Spain), and later, Mexico. They achieved the Pinckney treaty, securing American shipping rights for the port of New Orleans, and the Gadsden Purchase, recognized by the namesakes Gadsden, Arizona and Alabama.

South Carolina was the first place a woman (the later New Yorker Harriet Tubman) commanded regular US Army troops (June 2, 1863) leading three gun ships and freeing more than 900 enslaved, more than any other action during the war. (The state has a bridge named for her.) The state also sent James Fremont to California via the Army. But that was then.

Now, the GOP’s candidate for SC governor, Nikki Haley, the first woman with a heritage from India to secure a major party nomination, has this week been challenged by leaders in her own party in a press conference held in Columbia, the state’s capitol city. “Nikki wants votes. We want answers,” said Cyndi Mosteller, a former first vice chairwoman of the state GOP. Haley has twice been accused by Republican operatives from her own party of having sexual affairs. She admits being late consistently on taxes. She wants to tax groceries, burdening the poor in a state that ranks 46th in income. A state legislator once stripped of her committee assignments for pushing for transparency she refuses to release her own emails. Haley wants “true conservatism” in a state with Republican governors for the last 20 years – a state where government is the number one employer!

But in the only state to send a write-in candidate to national office (Strom Thurmond, as a Democrat!), that values its independence (the Confederate flag flies on the capitol’s grounds), its nattering nabobs (Jim DeMint, et. al), its romantic holidays and get aways (Haley’s mentor, Mark Sanford, whose policies she claims she’ll continue), its rudeness (Joe Wilson), and its broken schools (highlighted by the “Corridor of Shame” documentary and a letter from a middle schooler read by the President during the State of the Union), we give the nation a fusion candidate, Morgan Bruce Reeves, nominated for governor by both SC’s Green and Citizens United parties.

Dr. Reeves’ doctoral degree is from a CA diploma mill run by an Indian immigrant. (This is simply rich irony!) Reeves master’s degree is from a seminary run by a convicted pedaphile that only operates off campus, gives life credit, and offers 11 types of doctoral degrees at the flat rate of $2,000 each, or a combination bachelor/master’s/doctorate for $3,250, with interest free payments and discounts. Reeves life experience includes having tried out for NFL teams.

His political website for the governor’s race under business includes several close ups of unmanned earth moving equipment parked on undeveloped property, a contact number for Dr. Reeves site preparation company, a promise that “no job is too big or too small.” That’s his program for economic development in a state that ranks 3rd in unemployment and 46th in income. He claims he faces racism in the race and wants to remove Thurmond’s name from public buildings. He supports solar powered, elevated commuter rail.

I’m breaking with House Whip Jim Clyburn. I’m voting for Alvin Greene, pending the outcome of his court case.


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