Walter Rhett

Think about the Candidate: New York’s Landlord Governor

In National Affairs on September 7, 2010 at 2:10 am

   If race is used as a device to “hide behind,” one wonders what Mr. Paladino was/is hiding when he forwarded inappropriate and insensitive e-mails. But more to the point, is what he doesn’t conceal: do the voters of New York want to elect the state’s largest landlord in Buffalo to run the very government and manage the coffers from which he collects millions in rent?

Since he has no experience in dealing with government expect as a landlord, perhaps expanding his real estate empire is part of his hidden agenda.

His other development plan, to relocate those on assistance to empty prisons for training, sounds like World War II internment camps packaged in a twisted appeal of self-help.

Beware! Fear should never drive out common sense.


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