Walter Rhett

Is the world flat? Why is a stimulus scorned?

In Perlo on September 6, 2010 at 2:24 pm

It is no different today than when the masses thought the world was flat. The deep seated views of what is “truth” is based often on how frequently something–anything–is repeated and how many others embrace it. And if the illogic resonates, the half measures are held as canons. Those that suggest otherwise, suffer the public and political fate of Galileo. They are scorned and condemned, or lightning rods for further attacks.

Part of the Republican appeal to fear is based on the relationships of marco-economics being difficult to understand. The paradox lies in how systems interact. They do so often in inverse ways, and often in contradiction to what seems easy to grasp. This “paradox of understanding” is often seen the comments, where the same mantras about debt, deficits, and gold standards are repeated without support–except for hurled inventives at those who hold other views.


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