Walter Rhett

Lindsay Graham

In SC on August 27, 2010 at 11:27 pm
  • As a SC voter, I support people who vote for progress, who understand the inner workings of legislation, who don’t sell out to special interests, and who work for the national, state, community interests, independent of party or ideology. I’m African-American, but I voted often for Strom Thurmond because he measured up to the standards I set and merited my vote. I also remember when Everett Dirksen and Nelson Rockefeller. I support and vote for Lindsay Graham because of his strong positions on the military, his keen interest in the judiciary, and his fair representation of South Carolinians of all backgrounds and beliefs.

    Narrowed-minded politicans who put their greed, avarice, or ideology first will never fix the crushing poverty in 10 percent of SC counties for over 30 years. Narrowed-minded politicans will not improve the state of SC health, where we are among the leaders of deaths by diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, smoking, and yes, HIV/AIDS.

    Despite pretending we believe in less government, government is SC’s number one employer, close to 18 percent of the workforce recieves a government check. Those that have strongly partisan beliefs often hold these beliefs without any basis in facts. If you want to be listened to, cite sound reasons, examples, and statistics for your positions. Facts count more than fanasty. Sen. Graham is an advocate for SC, and a man who advances SC by doing his homework and carefully considering what best for the state and nation.

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