Walter Rhett

On Conspiracies, Puppets, and Commandments

In National Affairs on August 12, 2010 at 5:08 pm


“Separation anxiety” marks this year’s elections. Win or lose, people running for office feel their own fringe positions are an improvement on than those held by officials in the mainstream. They have taken advantage of the national anxiety to use extreme, unfounded views to demonstrate their independence and separation from the views of those in office! Marginal candidates are touting marginal ideas as a reason to receive votes from the mainstream! This separation is working!

Candidates are running against ominous international conspiracies to establish world government ruled by a UN elite, tied to promoting bicycling in local communities; candidates are running against politicians who serve politics as a false idol, violating the first of the ten commandments given to Moses; candidates are running against the President, and one congressional candidate in Texas has called for his impeachment or resignation (“Obama must be forced to resign now.”). Why? Over “his” fascist policies that support the bail out of the British empire (of which he is a puppet!)–although her webpage looks like his! More, this candidate supports many of President’s positions–while skewering Obama for continuing “illegal FBI probes and stings” through the Office of Congressional Ethics, and targeting Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters as part of “a witch hunt of patriots in the cause of civil rights.” And she’s a Democrat!

No joke. The American mainstream right now is repelled from its own political majority. And spilling into the breach is political irrationality of every form and persuasion. The holders of these marginal ideas establish greater credibility and traction the further removed from reality are their views.

Mainstream voters, stunned into anxiety by the actions of both parties and the administration, have reversed the usual sense of cause and effect. In the new dialectics, patterned on the half truths and false analogies raised in the new media and the blogosphere, drummed into whole cloth by talk radio, voters are stampeding through the breach to support candidates outside of the old boundaries. From the passive Alvin Greene in SC to the passive aggressive Sharron Angle in NV, this is a year in politics like no other.

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