Walter Rhett

DC Metro Gets a New Web Site

In Media on August 9, 2010 at 11:54 pm

Check out Given the rich local and regional news content that flies under the radar of national politics, this idea, if effectively managed, can be very sucessful.

One concern is the level and scope of minority participation. (I didn’t see any.) Several radio stations, including Cathy Hughes WOL – AM, at 1450 AM, have for years been flagships for local issues. They have covered a wide range of stories, from personnel problems within the federal government to police brutality to the slant of media coverage for minority communities. Community newspapers have also helped fill this void.

One certainly hopes that a bright and talented owner like Albritton, who knows the local metro market, will be sensitive to those concerns, and develop arrangements that enhance coverage and increase revenues for potential minority partners who have worked to serve these neglected markets and communities where compelling and vital stories go unnoticed or reported.

Progress on this front, developing minority inclusion and partnerships, is itself an important story, as new platforms of web-based media develop.


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