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“Strike the Last Word:” Videos and Links to Today’s News

In National Affairs, Perlo on May 31, 2011 at 3:15 pm

“Strike the Last Word,” is a motion used by members of the US House in order to obtain time (5 minutes) to address the House on particular issues.
Some things never change. see this oldie but still true DNC clip on social security.

A quick look from Anita Perry on the jobs we need.

Richard Pryor’s comedy skit, The First Black President, was produced 32 years ago. It has an eerie resemblance to the issues that swirl around Barack Obama today. Look for Robin Williams, Masha Warfield, Tim Reid, and Sandra Bernhart in the sketch.

Leave a comment.  Share your reaction after you are through laughing and marveling at how close Pryor comes to the real thing and why his comedy was timeless.


The greatest lawyer in South Carolina history died on Friday, July 29, 2011. Judge Matthew J. Perry, Jr. was one of the greatest lawyers in the history of the Southern civil rights movement. He almost single-handed guided South Carolina into the modern era, ending the priactice of legal racial separation known as segregation. He dampened violence and hostile confrontation by using the courts again and again to open the doors to public and higher education, public accomodations, voting, employment, and the legal system, winnning landmark case after case to forever chase the face of the state. Click the link below to see profounding moving tributes by State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal, US Congress member Jim Clyburn, and US Circuit Court Judge John Anderson, among others. The sermon is a powerful example of Southern homiletics by one of the state’s most gifted preachers. The video, recorded by the state’s ETV network, is unique as oral history, in telling the story of segreagation at the funeral of the man most engaged in overturning its legal structure within South Carolina.
Click here to see the tribute video and web page.

The video clip below captures Rep. Clyburns remarks during the House debate over the debt ceiling bill.

Jon Stewart after the verdict stretches a point and strikes his best politcal best from left field.

The UN Makes Rape a Crime of War, A Historic First for the International Criminal Tribunal

US House of Representative Member, Gwen Moore, WI, discusses defunding Planned Parenthood in light of her own pregnancy at 18.

A New Contract for NYC Teachers

In Perlo on May 3, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Half full; half empty? The cynical and ever suspicious, the ideological and union bashers, the balance sheet tea readers, will paper the agreement with questions, assumptions, and bad faith to find fault in what is clearly a better deal for both the city and its teachers, esp. for its students with innovation, flexibility, and new options to help keep great teachers in classrooms built into the agreement.

New York was a leader in public education. Its schools modeled many around the country. After turf wars, power struggles, dysfunction on both sides (yes, the dreaded reserve room is feather bedding at its worst, but recall Bloomberg’s hire of the bureaucrat Joe Klein, followed by the disaster of Cathleen Black, waivered in and chased out) the contract directly addresses adult issues with real dialogue and doesn’t seem to be a ploy.

The gradual increases make sense. With strong real estate, construction, and retail markets, the city can absorb the increases with current taxes. It also sets a significant limit on new contracts for the city’s other labor units.



The key is will this contract, after teachers worked without security for 5 years, lead to improvements in the quality of student learning? That’s its purpose. That’s its mission. 

Last year the Brooklyn school (Edward R. Murrow) with the long streak of chess championships had problems rising money for trips. Let’s hope the city finds a little money in its budget for its amazing students, providing them with the experiences that restore the proud traditions of New York public education.

Freedom’s Old Bones

In Perlo on April 28, 2014 at 7:38 pm

This inverse freedom–freedom from–has many tentacles: the FL Congress member who immediately cheated; the TN Rep, a doctor, who cheated with his patients and staff, opposing abortion as his wife exercised her choice; the former Senator who cheated, even a President; the litany of gun deaths Joe Nocera lists on his blogs, the opposition to the common good–and to clean air, wealth, and real food–every head spinning position that uses blame as cause.

The word-bridges to this blame are blinding in how often and fast they are built, and how carelessly; lies and flim-flams embedded in every pillar. 

I remember the old bones these flimsy word-bridges of blame cross. These strudy bones are still the base of freedom. They are bones of forgiveness and progress that do not endorse the sin, not the blame that caused one party to shut down the government built on the strength of those bones and take $24 billion out of the people’s hands while calling their extortion freedom.

These bones rest on courage and truth, not lies and blame and fear. Blame cannot sustain freedom. Its structures will implode. The old bones live.


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